Profile of the Best Students

Master of Communication Science – FISIP Universitas Diponegoro

Immanuel Dwi Asmoro

Communication Lecturer at Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

Best Student of Januari 2019

Currently, Immanuel is known as a lecturer who teaches on several courses, such as Creative Economy, Psychology of Communication and Political Communication at Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. He is blessed with high curiosity and consistently exploring the communication sphere has made him chose to study at Master of Communication Science UNDIP which has A accreditation.

The way Master of Communication Science UNDIP offers the learning atmosphere is fun, which is by allowing the students to study and explore the communication sphere as they please. It has unconsciously formed their critical and scientific way of thinking especially for Immanuel who is a lecturer.


Nadya Poernamasari

PPID and Social Media Staff at Samarinda Government; active in literacy activist activities through the Community.

Best Student of October 2019

Nadya was interested on taking the Master of Communication Science UNDIP because she knew that it was the only University to offer the Media Policy Concentration. According to her, Master of Communication Science UNDIP was also interesting since the profiling of the lecturers and the courses were adaptive.

Thus, she could further learn those things during her study at Master of Communication Science UNDIP. It also opened her viewpoint as a person who worked on Media Relations to be more innovative in handling cases disputed against the government. Especially, during this pandemic periode, the communication process had been limited yet we should be able to facilitate it with the development of technology and social media.

Her research on “The Representation of Cyberbullying Patterns on “Jaksel Kids” Phenomenon” (Semiotics Analysis of “Jaksel Kids” Language on Twitter)” had proven her ability in studying signs on certain object to find the meanings in the object.


Muhammad Dicka Ma’arief Alyatalatthaf

Since January 2021, Dicka officially served as a Communication Lecturer at Kalbis Institute, Jakarta.

Best Student of July 2019

During the days as a student, he actively published his researches and the latest one is about “Cybermisogyny: Hate Against Woman and Manifestation of Gendertrolling on Instagram” which is still on publication process at Ilmu Sosial and UGM Ilmu Politik Journals, as well as at Scopus Indexed Journal.

The reason he continued his Master degree at UNDIP Communication Science was because it was the only institution which provided Media Policy Concentration. It offered specialization and the output were practitioners and researchers on public policy, especially media industry.


Rizqi Ganis Ashari

Civil Servant at Immigration Office of Class 1 Special for Ngurah Rai Immigration Checkpoint

Best Student of April 2020

Continuing his study at UNDIP Master of Communication Science was not without reason. However, it was chosen with a careful consideration to pursue his dreams as an educator in communication science. For Rizqi, UNDIP Master of Communication Science has professional lecturers who are qualified in research field as well as a complete collection of readings. It allows the students to apply the theoritical knowledge they get to be research products.

One of them is Rizqi’s research on “Understanding the Internet Technology Adoption among the elderly” which controlled various findings in revealing various implicite things regarding the experience of the elderly using the internet. It was very subjective and added explanation either in theoritical or practical point of view to produce an inclusive internet user environment policy among the elderly.

Moreover, Rizqi found plenty of new things which made him accustomed to think sistematically in doing his job, namely checking out travel documents of foreigners who are going to visit Indonesia.


Stefiani Emasurya

Supervisor of Research and Development for Cosmetics and Body Care Products at PT Victoria Care Indonesia

Best Student of July 2020

Since 2012 to 2018, Stefiani has become an active writer for Kompas Gramedia and also published 6 books at Gramedia Pustaka Utama and Grasindo. The reason she chose UNDIP Master of Communication Science was because of its location which is close to the city center and it had A accreditation.

According to her, studying at UNDIP Master of Communication Science not only brought her to several outstanding figures but also helped her found new side of herself. She was also brave enough to be a cross-science student for she took her Bachelor study on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2012. Now, Stefiani tried to learn the communication science which taught her how to be a better communicator or messenger than before.


Anita Amaliyah

Co-founder & Director of PT. Arakata Cendekia Institute

Best Student of October 2020

In line with her job in strategic communication and branding, Anita decided to continue her study at UNDIP Master of Communication on Strategic Communication Concentration. She expected to fulfill the expertise on the previous field of study.

She was active in various national and international events. One of which was the 2020 International Conference on Sustainable Innovation (ICoSI) held at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogya. She also had an experience to be a Research Assistance in Press Freedom Research Philippine-Indonesia Case 2019.

For her research, Anita discussed on “The Relationship of Social Circumtances in Social Media Level of Use Towards Violent Extremism”, her findings had made it clear that the psycho-social individual, social, political, religion and ideology, the role of culture and identity issue factors on VE. Meanwhile, the  media factor namely new media such as media social occupied the motor or driving force of the radicalization process so that violent extremism occured.