Master of Communication Science

Goals & Strategies


  • An increasing number of graduates who complete their studies on time with an average GPA of 3,5 and English mastery with a minimum TOEFL score of 450.
  • Improvement on quality and quantity of research in the field of media policy and strategic communication which is published in the conference and seminar forum, as well as national and international journals.
  • An increasing number of various community service activities in raising awareness on media literacy in the social laboratory of FISIP Undip and in other various communities that need it.
  • An increasing number of the community service activities in giving training concerning strategic communication (press release, media relations and other relevant training).
  • An increasing number of cooperation with relevant stakeholders (industry, bureaucracy, high educational institution and other relevant institutions) at national and international level in the field of education, research and community service.


  • Increase the number of prospective students by organizing promotions through mass media and other promotional media.

  • Improve the quality of prospective students by setting passing grades of the Academic Potential Test (TPA) and English Proficiency.

  • Increase the quantity and quality of study facilities/infrastructure through the use of separate buildings and other supporting facilities.

  • Improve the quality of human resources, both lecturers and the education through relevant learning tasks and training.

  • Provide support for lecturers to join scientific activities at the national and international level in the field of media policy and strategic communication.

  • Provide support to lecturers to conduct research on media policies and strategic communication independently and in cooperation with other parties.

  • Provide support and appreciation to lecturers and students who successfully publish their research results in accredited national and international journals.

  • Organize various community service activities in raising the awareness related to media literacy at FISIP Undip social laboratory and other communities that need it through counselling, discussions, simulations, and workshops activities.

  • Provide various community service activities by organizing training and workshop on strategic communication products such as press releases, media relations, company profile, conflict resolution, social campaign, and other forms of relevant training.

  • Establish cooperation with relevant national and international stakeholders (industry, bureaucracy, universities, and relevant institutions) in education, research and community service.