Master Of Communication Science


Establishing a qualified higher education institution of master communication studies through education, research, and community service, which has solid networks as well as national and international reputation by 2025.


  • To organize a postgraduate higher education communication science education in the field of mass communication with a specialization in media policy and strategic communication based on quality assurance.
  • To organize communication science teaching based on the latest developments in science and the communication profession.
  • To conduct research in the field of communication science and publish it nationally and internationally.
  • To conduct community service by utilizing scientific and technological competencies for community empowerment.
  • To make efforts on strengthening the networks and increasing the reputation both nationally and internationally.
  • To make efforts on gaining recognition from the public organizations, academics, and professionals as a higher education institution of communication science that is excellent in the field of education, research, and community service.


  • Mastering the basics of science to build students who can think, behave, and act like a scientist.
  • Mastering the basics of science and methodology in the field of communication science to build students who can find, recognize, understand, explain, and formulate ways of solving problems that exist in their area of expertise.
  • Developing and updating the communication science by mastering and understanding various scientific approaches, methods, and rules along with their application skills in various relevant fields.
  • Solving problems in the field of communication through research and development activities based on scientific principles.
  • Developing professional performance in the field of communication proven by the problem analysis acuity, the coverage of the review, and the cohesiveness in solving the problem faced.