Book Review Of Indonesian Communication Academics: Notes For The 2021 National Press Day

Posted by Nur Inayah

March 19, 2021

The launch of the book by 32 lecturers of communication science about the press and mass media received an extraordinary response. The book, published by Tiga Serenada Publisher, was launched on Thursday (11/2/2021) virtually.

“Three Serenada is committed to facilitating anyone who wants to write for the literacy movement in Indonesia. And we present this book right on National Press Day 2021,” said Commissioner of Tiga Serenada, Siswantini Amihardja.

In a book review entitled Esai Pengalaman: Merangkai Asa untuk Media Massa, Vice Chairman of the Press Council, Arif Zulkilfi, sparked a discussion by revealing five topics found in the lecturers’ works.

“I found five major topics discussed by the authors: professionalism, mass media management, interaction of mass media and social media, media conglomeration, and the press council’s message as an ethical institution,” said Arif Zulkifli.

In the discussion session, Sapto Anggoro, CEO of and Budiman Tanuredjo, National VP of News Group Gramedia-Kompas, as book reviewers talked about their experiences as people who had struggled in the world of press and mass media.

According to Sapto Anggoro, the book was interesting, although there were still many academicians who expressed their concerns about things that were happening in the mass media today. He had mentioned some of the writings in the book called Esai Pengalaman: Merangkai Asa untuk Media Massa.

Meanwhile, according to Budiman Tanuredjo, personal power in the future would change the face of the Indonesian press and would balance the industry. He further expressed the concern in the pandemic era. “Is this the end of the media as the voice of democracy?” he said.

The Book Review event which was held virtually used the Zoom Meeting application

The book launch and review carried out by Tiga Serenada Publisher in collaboration with the Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atama Jaya Jakarta, presented three authors representing 32 authors who contributed their writings, namely Sunarto (Undip), Nina Mutmainnah (UI), and Andina Dwifatma (Unika Atma Jaya).

“This book comes with an extraordinary commitment by the author who has to finish the writing in a very short deadline,” said Frida Kusumastuti, a UMM lecturer who was also the editor of the book.

Quoting from the background of the establishment of this book, the public was the guardian of mass media quality, so that it did not only serve economic and political interests. In the series of commemoration of Indonesian Press Day 2021, the public, the audience, felt the need to vote, give notes, criticism, reflection based on the author’s personal experience which in the final objective built hope for the existence and development of a healthy and dignified mass media. Through the book Esai Pengalaman: Merangkai Asa untuk Media Massa, it did noy only talk about the phenomena and dynamics of the mass media in the past, but also the mass media today and the hopes for the future.

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