FISIP UNDIP Together with the Press Council Hold a Talkshow “Press Freedom, Citizen Journalism and the Role of Social Media”

Posted by Nur Inayah

October 7, 2022

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University together with the Press Council held a Talkshow “Freedom of the Press, Citizen Journalism and the Role of Social Media.” Wednesday (5/10) at Fisip Undip. The activity was moderated by Asmono Wikan (Member of the Press Council) with resource person M. Agung Dharmajaya (Vice Chairman of the Press Council), Dr. Nurul Hasfi, M.A. (Head of Communication Studies FISIP Undip), Aris Mulyawan (Chairman of AJI Semarang City), and Shafigh Pahlevi L (Social Media Observer).

Asmono Wikan said that the activity was aimed at providing literacy to the public regarding press freedom, citizen journalism and the role of social media.

In his material, M. Agung Dharmajaya said that the philosophy of press freedom is a form of people’s sovereignty and is a very important element for creating a democratic society, nation and state so that freedom of expression of thoughts and opinions as stated in Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution must be fulfilled. guaranteed.

“In the life of a democratic society, nation and state, freedom to express thoughts and opinions according to one’s conscience and the right to obtain information is a very essential human right that is needed to uphold justice and truth, promote public welfare, and educate the nation’s life. The national press as a vehicle for mass communication, disseminator of information, from opinion makers must be able to carry out the principles, functions, rights, obligations and roles as well as possible based on professional press freedom so that they must get legal guarantees and protection, and are free from interference and coercion from the public. anywhere,” said Agung.

While Dr. Nurul Hasfi conveyed the efforts that could be made to support citizen journalism, including ensuring the running of journalism ethics, recognition, and advocacy of citizen journalism work, legal protection. (Lin-Public Relations)

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