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Undip Communication Study Program Abdimas, Digital Literacy to Keep Kindergarten Students From Exposure to Negative Content

The presence of new media and the digital era slipped all the anxiety of the parents. The reason was that the results of ECPAT research in 2017 showed quite a lot of children were exposed to pornography through smartphones. This was certainly unsettling, said Ayu, a...

The Importance of the Community Media Literacy for A Healthy Social Media Use

The digital interaction could never be avoided, because it could provide various promising opportunities. However, it was happened frequently that someone was deceived by it. In other words, an understanding of the media ethics was needed in order to use the social...

Female Journalists Faced Multiple Role Attacks

Female journalists from Semarang, during the Kartini Day demonstration in 2009. Source:   Semarang - The research on women's leadership in the media had become an interesting issue for the communication lecturers at the Faculty of Social and Political...

The Lack of Socialization for People with Disabilities Concerning The General Election

SEMARANG - The KPU actually had a great concern for the voters with disabilities. It was proven by the laws which were made to cover the services for them. Unfortunately, the implementation of this good intention had not been maximal. This became the background of the...

The Importance of Mastering the Research Science For Journal Publication

The workshop entitled "Penulisan Artikel Jurnal Terakreditasi Nasional dan Jurnal Internasional Terindeks" was held online on November 10th, 2020 by the Master Program  in Communication Science FISIP UNDIP through the Zoom  platform. Along with Prof. Dr. Rajab...

Communication Strategies, Ways to Encourage the Effective Public Participation

The strategic communication did not only focus on one thing. A strategy would lead to all effects in communication to achieve its goals. According to the Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta’s Lecturer, G. Arum Yudarwati. PhD, communication strategy could not be seen from...

The Stretching of the Social Media against the Political Climate of the Nation

Social media, which initially functioned as a means of self-existence, was then penetrating to influence the political climate of a country. Thus, it affected the public agenda. At the event held by the World Class University FISIP UNDIP Studium Generale entitled...

The Academics: An Accurate Communication Is Needed During The Pandemic

Currently, the challenge for the Indonesian people lied to those who demanded the liberalism which was in the form of the freedom of speech, including the information manipulation. According to Prof. Rhenald Kasali PhD, the presence of the technology had caused...

In synergy with the Semarang Volunteer Team, Undip’s Communication Science Department Gives a Food Security Package

SEMARANG - The Covid-19 Handling Task Force Volunteer Team  initiated the Food Security program, namely the two packages containing 200 packages of catfish in buckets and 200 packages of vegetable seeds in planting media that can be carried out in narrow land for 400...



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