Public Lecture: The Dilemma of the Mass Media Industry in Indonesia in the Digital Age

Kuliah Umum Online

Posted by Nur Inayah

April 27, 2023

The current development of digital communication technology has caused disruption in the mass media industry, including in Indonesia. Technology affects all areas from the process of producing media content to its distribution. Communication technology itself has also had a lot of influence on the political economy of the media, especially on the mass media business model in the digital era which has also undergone drastic changes.

Internet and digital technology have also given rise to the creative industry which is experiencing extraordinary development driven by content creators with the existence of technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. Their political economy activities have indirectly influenced the political economy of the mainstream media, causing a lot of friction between the national media industry and technology companies.

This public lecture wants to see more about how internet technology affects the face of the mass media industry in Indonesia. How the political economy interests of the mass media in Indonesia change and experience shifts.

This activity will be carried out using the Guest Lecturer Lecture scheme which will be carried out online and offline, with details of the activities as follows:

Implementation time      : 10.00-12.00 WIB

Method                              : Online/Hybrid

Speaker                             : Hellena Yoranita Souisa, PhD (Multiplatform Journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Australia