(Textbook) Sociology of Communication

Posted by Nur Inayah

March 19, 2021

Title : (Buku Ajar) Sosiologi Komunikasi

Author : Hedi Pudjo Santoso, Sri Budi Lestari dan Nurul Hasfi

ISBN : –

Number of Page : 77

Publication : Ist

Publication Year : 2019

Publisher : Undip Press


This book is the learning guidelines for the Sociology of Communication Course in the undergraduate program in Sociology of Communication. It was written by the lecturers of the Sociology of Communication course.

This book is devided into 10 subjects, where the structure of each subject consists of the introduction : brief description, relevantion, competency (competency standards and basic competency); the secod part is the discussion which consists of the descriptions and exercises. The last part is the closing, which consists of the summary, feed back, the follow-up and the anwer key.

10 pokok bahasan yang ada di buku ini membahas tentang konsep dasar komunikasi dan komunikasi massa, media (sosial) dan khalayak, fenomena cyberbullying di media sosial, perkembangan media sosial dan rentannya praktik cyberbullying, bullying di media sosial, bentuk, pemicu dan alasan cyberbullying, pencegahan perilaku cyberbullying, pendekatan dramaturgi erving goffman, aspek-aspke utama dalam pendekatan dramaturgi, dan terakhir adalah pokok bahasan mengenai studi internet dari perspektif marxian.

The ten subject in this book dicuss the basic concept of the communication and mass communication, media (social) and the audiences, the cyberbullying phenomenon in social media, the development of social media and the susceptibility to the practice of cycberbullying, bullying in media social, the form, the trigger and cause of the cyberbullying, prevention of the cyberbullying behaviour, the dramaturgi erving goffman approach. the main aspects of the dramadurgi approach, and the last is the main discussion on the internet study from the marxian perspective.




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