Master of Communication Science

By Research Curriculum

Master of Communication Science has two learning methods, namely:

  • e1) By Course: students are required to attend lectures with a defined curriculum structure
  • 2) By research: students are not required to take class lectures but must attend the intensive guidance for each stage of the theses preparation.



Semester 1

Code Courses Credits Theses Adviser**
Course 1* 3
Course 2* 3

Literature Review & Theses Seminar

3 Theses Adviser
Total Credits 9


Semester 2

Code Courses Credits Theses Adviser**
P-SIK-8021 Field Research 1 5 Theses Adviser
P-SIK-8022 Field Research 2 6 Theses Adviser
P-SIK-8023 Publication 2 7 Theses Adviser
Total Credits 18


Semester 3

Code Courses Credits Theses Adviser**
P-SIK-8012 Result Seminar 3 Theses Adviser
P-SIK-8013 Theses 6 Theses Advider
Total Credits 9



*Students are allowed to choose courses from the by course scheme according to research needs, and according to the discussions with the adviser (the Code to adjust the Courses taken)

**Theses Adviser is (1) lecturer who is chosen by the prospective students as their advisers and the lecturers have agreed to become their advisers; (2) The statement letter of the approval for the Adviser is one of the requirements for the Masters of Communication Science student candidates in the UM (Independent Test) selection process.


Credit Recapitulation

By Research

Courses Credits
Study Program’s Compulsory courses 6
Literature Review & Theses Seminar 3
Field Research 1 5
Field Research 2 6
Publication 2 7
Result Seminar 3
Theses 6
Total Credits 36