FGD RRI: Integrated Social Media Management to Reach Young Listeners

Posted by Nur Inayah

April 6, 2021

Referring to the 2020-2024 RRI Strategic Plan (Renstra) which clearly stated that RRI’s vision was a multiplatform-based public radio (modern public radio). So that, the transformation of the radio from an audio to audio visual platform with many podcast content models must be responded to and adapted by RRI. RRI’s Public Broadcasting Institution (LPP) had the power to put itself as the people’s public media.

This was conveyed by the Head of  Malang Communication and Informatics Service (Diskominfo) Muhammad Nur Widianto, S. Sos during the FGD event entitled “Implementasi Kebijakan Dewas dalam Pemanfaatan Medsos RRI secara Terintegrasi“, on Thursday, March 4th, 2021, virtually from the LPP RRI Malang Office.

“I am sure that RRI’s main business as a radio will still remain in the hearts of the public in today’s digital era. It is undeniable that the radio transformation from the audio to audio visual platforms. For example, the podcast model,” said Nur Widianto. In addition, Nur Widianto revealed that Malang Government opened a collaborative space to share the content with RRI Malang.

The event was also attended by the Head of the RRI Supervisory Board, Mistam M.Si, as the second speaker. He conveyed that the word public has become a spell and has inspired RRI operations since its inception. This meant that the public interest was the main priority of the RRI as it belong to the people. According to him, everyone could discuss freely in order to achieve the role of RRI that presented in educating the nation’s life.

“The internet comes with all its variants, including the digital radio which can be a more interactive audio and visual media with proper and optimal management of the websites and social media,” said Mistam.

Meanwhile, Danny Kosasih from Medzcomm Communication Consultants delivered some interesting survey results on the current development of the social media. The first finding was that the majority of the respondents stated their main choice of the social media, namely Instagram (92.6%), WhatsApp (88.34%), Facebook (77.8%) and YouTube (73.5%).

“The purpose of using the social media is dominated by the need to find clear and valid information, entertainment, music, education, and digital interactions,” explained Danny.

Related to that finding, communication expert of Universitas Diponegoro, Dr. Lintang Ratri, encouraged that the social media management was no longer a side job.

“There must be a special management. So that, it is focused and operationalized by paying attention to the character differentiation of each social media and targeted market,” he said.

He also evaluated all RRI social media platforms that had not been managed optimally, especially Instagram and Twitter as well as its Youtube channel. This was important if you want to target the future generations of the RRI listeners who are categorized as the digital native.

The RRI website was considered to be quite representative, although hyperlinks must be added to all social media at the RRI Central and also regions. So that, it could be integrated. This also required the participation of all RRI employees to improve the company’s social media performance and engagement.