The Importance of the Community Media Literacy for A Healthy Social Media Use

Posted by Nur Inayah

March 5, 2021

The digital interaction could never be avoided, because it could provide various promising opportunities. However, it was happened frequently that someone was deceived by it. In other words, an understanding of the media ethics was needed in order to use the social media wisely. “Social media is currently full of hate based on SARA, and other negative content. So, it made the public became more confused about which media to trust, ” said Islam K Rouby, PR Specialist and Public Speaking as a speaker at the’s media literacy event which took place virtually on Tuesday (22/11/2020).

In the event entitled “The Global Movement for Media Literacy”, it was told that the meaning of the media literacy was the ability of each individual to understand, analyze, and deconstruct the media imagery. This was intended to help the audience not to get caught up in any fake news.

“There are still many young people who do not have the skills to distinguish between the reliable and misleading information. Many of them are trapped by the appearance of the graphics that are considered professional, even though it is not from a credible source,” he said.

The Co-founder & Executive Strategic Director, Reimagining Society Columnist, The New Age Talebur Islam Rupom added that in the midst of the rapid flow of the information received by the public, it was important to build the intelligence in selecting media selectively. “To make it effective, the community must work together with other competent parties such as the government, NGOs and the press. So that, the information can be a reference whether it is trustworthy or not,” he concluded.