The Academics: An Accurate Communication Is Needed During The Pandemic

Posted by Nur Inayah

March 5, 2021

Currently, the challenge for the Indonesian people lied to those who demanded the liberalism which was in the form of the freedom of speech, including the information manipulation. According to Prof. Rhenald Kasali PhD, the presence of the technology had caused the information spread more easily, and many narratives emerged through the big.

“The narrative war occurs because there are six pillars of technology that change the life. Starting from the super apps, which is the name for the applications with more than 100 million uploaders, then followed by the term broadband network, which can change the people’s habits in accessing the information. This is due to the existence of the Big Data which ultimately leads to the Internet of Things. Thus, this affects the way we get the information, ” he said when he was the speaker in the Public Lecture entitled ” Designing the Strategic Communications Facing the Impacts of the Technology Transformation During the Pandemic and Post Pandemic Periods ” held virtually by the Master Program in Communication Science FISIP UNDIP, (24/11/2020).

This meant that currently there was a narrative war related to the pandemic on the Indonesian social media. The uncontrolled circulation of the information, and it was getting worste as some people did not have the intelligence to validate the truth, had caused the process on making decisions related to the good health became blurred. As a result, the news nowadays only focused on parties who were being cornered. So that, it would be more framed to bring the fright for the society.

He advised that it was very necessary to design an appropriate communication for our multicultural society, and not to be trapped in a narrative war. As the academics, we must be careful in determining how we communicated in each community group, whether we have to use a hard power or soft power approaches. So that, people would understand what we think and they might do what we want.